2. A Taste of Madness


The city of Demona is home to one of the largest libraries in Tibia, containing NINTETEEN books of formulae that are just blank. Among these books are four about time rings, one about life rings, and one about death rings.


In another section of Demona, overseen by Zhandramon, there are five blank books on the History of the Ancients, a letter from Ferumbras requesting a twin-killer rune, research on ancient warlocks, Talons & Wand of Might, Summoning, and Battletactis.

There are some stray bookshelves here and there, but we are going to focus mainly on the books in their study, R&D.


First we need to understand the warlocks, what are they doing here? What is the history of this place?

I'm going to show you a few excerpts of the five book-series

The magic city Demona
Written by Danae, historian of the warlocks
Part 1

We dont know exactly when this city was build.
But it must have been centuries ago.
I have collected the few information we have from the past and tried to reconstruate the birth of this city:

Our ancients used their mighty magical power to control the lava down here. With the help of our loyal trolls, they somehow build this city.

article 469 - Page 6 (5).png
Notice the necrotic rod in the middle, this is what the ancients and current warlocks refer to as 'Wand of Might'

Our world of Tibia is filled with various kinds of magic. Until now, we dont know much about this magic. Only a small part of the whole magic power is under our control.

Our goal is to research into the magic web of our world and to control it, so we can finally reach our purpose: the immortality.

But before we could start with the research, our ancients had many problems to solve.

article 469 - Page 6 (6).png

An.. eye!?

In the beginning, our ancients lived in total isolation. They thought, that they can survive down here without any contact to the outside world.

But after some years they realised that they cant cast enough food and water for all warlocks. They also realised, that it was necessary to be under the free sky to cast some spells (Like the spell "Path of the Stars", that only works if the caster can see the stars in the night).

So they made a direct tunnel to the surface.
All seem to work well. But after some years new problems appeared.

article 469 - Page 6 (7).png

"Turn the switch to the right and follow the blue sunshine to get to Demona. You know the rest of the way.
- Zhandramon"

We had to go to the surface but we must somehow protect our city from enemies.

We had many ideas. But the best was to create a giant maze. We would know the right way but our enemies would have to search for months and maybe they would starve or go back to the surface and never come back.

So the works on the maze began.

It's a very interesting series, the current warlocks does not know the ways of the original & ancient inhabitants of Demona, but are studying their ways.

Something they call the magic web, and they want to control it.

The Ancients:

Hold on, they were druids? exevo pan can only be cast by druids.
Also the wand of might- I mean necrotic rod can only be wielded by druids.

One of my favorite books on my all-time favorite mystery can be found in the study, it introduced me to this mystery. We read about an Ancients first journey through the magic web.
I challenge you to think and reason about this book, where you would look and what it might mean, without reading my notes first.

A teleportation through the magic web
Written by Zuania

I was one of the first who was allowed to teleport through the magic web.

I could easily open the gate with the power of my will. But after I was in the magic web I lost control. So I came out near Carlin although I wanted to come out near the east gate of Thais.
All others made the same experience.

It went all so quickly when I was in the magic web. I could only see a red light and some other gates far away for some seconds. And then I was already in Carlin.
Maybe one day we can just teleport into the magic web and stay there. I would love to investigate it.

If you are now curious about what lies ahead and have an idea where you'd want to look, close this article. Open Tibia. Go there and keep asking questions. Not all are this difficult. Return to Demona. Never open this again.


Going back to how the Ancients first teleported to Demona, ahem.. north of Carlin, leads me to believe that after the ancients found out how to teleport, they built a secret base with no physical door.
The only entrance being the teleport that only they knew how to operate.

Perfect defence.

We find mentions of gates and red light - then they ended up north of Carlin, however they wanted to end up east of Thais.


What do we find north of Carlin?
What do we find east of Thais?

East of thais we find something.. how should I put it.. suspicious!

Magic Web 469 - Page 1 (2).png

In a troll cave just north, we find indications of there being something just beneath it..


To the east of what we just saw, we can find a locked door to something.. warlocky! with a door leading south!


Through the troll tunnels, And exactly beneath the area behind the locked doors, we find more cool stuff.

And if you use the 'levitate' spell correctly on certain tiles, you can get to the place we were looking for!

article 469 - Page 6 (11).png

Snakes Thais - Page 1.png

Sadly we cannot enter the room and pull the lever, but it's really freakin cool. Funny how we find more trolls here that were so loyal to the ancients. And there's this single tile in the middle, very similar to the Necrotic rod in Demona.

Is it active? Can we use it?

Chester Kahs has something curious to say:


It seems active, think about it!
Let's have a chat with the McRonalds, and just bask in the beauty of their little house.

article 469 - Page 6 (4).png

Through some quite odd and secret keywords: (secret being non-highlighted during conversation)

Necomi: weather
Donald McRonald: Weather is good enough to work on the fields.
Necomi: fields
Donald McRonald: My fields are enchanted by the druids and the wheat grows very quickly.

His wife Sherry McRonald mentions something else that seems related somehow.

Necomi: mill
Sherry McRonald: The miller is a lazy fellow and afraid of his own mill, because he thinks it is spooked.
Necomi: spooked
Sherry McRonald: I don't know for sure. The miller claims that his mill is threatened by some monsters sometimes.

article 469 - bigmap (1).png

There is something else we find in the Demona libraries, and that is some odd 10 maps of the world Tibia, and the magic web with it's red lines and golden gates.
Cipsoft is practically screaming at us to look at them.

Magic Web 469 - Formulae (1).png

Let's investigate what these red lines and golden points are.. there should be two of them at the Fields of Glory north of Carlin.


One thing that stands out are the huge trees and living branches - it's almost as if this place was enchanted somehow.


Every 100 days or so we find an NPC here, Chip, who is cutting down the royal trees. There is a hostage situation going on with the outlaws south of the Jakundaf Desert, and getting these logs will ease the situation.

Ineterstingly, we find a similar situation going on in the outlaw camp; there is this concentrated spot with kinda weird trees that have been cut down already. I wonder why they are so valuable to them.
Strong ships? Magic ingredient?
Just a couple of feet south of their cut trees is this earth portal - with a huge pool of water beneath. Seems there are many golden gates.

article 469 - Page 6 (12).png

And beneath the Paradox Tower, in the mines of Kazordoon:


Nicely there is this very old stonecircle by the huge trees in Carlin. Could it be one of the golden points?
Then I'd imagine that the other golden point would be the one above Demona? Where northport is situated..

But what are the red lines?


It seems to be about teleportation.. The (at the time) unique quest-map we looked at earlier has this similar pattern which creates a web. And at the end of the extremely fishy explorers society quest, we are able to traverse the magic web using orichalcum pearls somehow..

Blank diagram - Page 2.png

This all sounds very similar to what the elves are doing.

Dwarven report VII
Enemy magic (I told you elves and dwarves are enemies!)

Our elemantarists have successfully unrevealed the the secrets of what is called "dream magic". It is a subconscious way of influencing the surroundings. It is mainly used by elven parents that want to shape their unborn child, but, this is the far more important threat, some elves, especially those called "Teshial" posess the ability to wander some kind of "dream realm" instead of the real world. This gives them the oppurtunity to appear somewhere out of the blue, but, fortunately, the Teshial never used this skill to ambush, and the other elves posess only small remnants of this magic.
Never the less, the 2nd earthen chamber is evolving a counter spell for that, that increases the elemental signature of beings near, forcing them into the real realm.

The other kinds of their magics are limited to protective and growing spells, whicht yet do not prove any harm, but are very supportive for their strife. ...

Utana vid! Utevo res! Growing/enchanting which we have seen as well!

And appear somewhere out of the blue. Funny choice of wording, blue.
This sounds exactly what we are doing.

Let's check on the dream realm - notice the white stone tiles by the machine as well!




Time seems to stand still if you dont move, maybe this is why there were so many books about time rings.
If we move fast enough? Do we teleport?


Eclesius mixes some beings into a new being in the dream realm..

article 469 - Page 11 (7).png


Do you see all the red lines and golden points?


It also seems to be heavily coupled with white stone tiles, which we saw in the secret troll place east of Thais.
Then there is also the bed in the warlock's house there - so maybe we need to get in that bed before we can literally dream away?


Which reminds me of the cube-bed.


These white stone tiles, are actually very rare, and I can only find them in very related places. See:


Brotherhood of bones in dream realm.


Probably their dream shaping is used to create a warlord sword.
Giant smith's hammer? For some reason the naughty explorer's society want that item... which we find by a dream-user...


Deep in cyclopolis... Ben?


Perfect. Now we know what we are working with.

Now, since there seems to be these red lines that we traverse, I decided to check straight north of the Thais Dream Machine.

Funnily it goes right through paradox tower, I'm guessing it's a gate.


I jumped out of my chair, It's amazing how it lands so perfectly on the eye!


Both Paradox Tower and the eye has these "strange carvings"

There is also this extremely isolated isle, Robson's isle.
Let's investigate!


Robson crashed on this isle, and set up camp.

Simula: isle
Robson: It seems there was once a building in the centre of the isle. The ruins are still there. Some of the pillars outside remind me of what I've seen in a bonelord hideout that we've raided when I was younger. ...
Robson: The rest of the ruins here, though, does not fit into that. Either the isle has been populated by different inhabitants, or by some race that I don't know at all. ...
Robson: Be it as it may, there has to be something about this isle that attracted inhabitants before me and I wonder what that might be. ...
Robson: I could not figure it out in all those years though. So I doubt anyone can do that during my lifetime.

Well we found out! Also how they could possibly get to that secluded underground Isle...

We got a lot of bonelordian stuff now just emerging from these bizarre environmental clues.

Hellgate strange carvings, nice to see they exist here in Hellgate as well.
There another one in the mad mage room, Sorcerers guilds, Edron academy, elves use them as well.. They are pretty much everywhere magey.


Full Circle

Okay, but what about east, what about west, what about south?

Blue green red - Blessed Ankh (1).png

Blue green red - Blessed Ankh.png

In exactly equal distances, we find places of extreme importance.
Absolutely amazing!

This is not only crazy, it's nuts that we could predict where Zathroths secret library would be two decades ago.
It's even more nuts when we find that the cracked jade flooring on Robson's Isle is the same cracked jade flooring we find in Zathroths Secret Library.
What's even more nuts is that this arrangement of elements on each direction, is the same one that's used for dream machines..

Blue green red - Blessed Ankh (2).png

Now, this being my all time favorite mystery, I have written about it four times already and I've studied it countless of hours to sort out all these hints and find this much out of nothing.

At this point, I had spent around sixty or so odd hours just following every single gate and drawing up the magic web. It even explains a lot of old mysteries, and others arise, like the curious connections of Alawar, Alatar, Gesnar and Goshnar - or the Strange carvings in the kings castle that goes perfectly and suspiciously to Vengoth castle. In the lore, Thais nobility has history of vampiric incidents...

I wrote about these lines three times - and made some obscurities like


I made a github repository listing all findings so far and some of my own thoughts
I spent some odd 50 hours looking at the language, there are so many repeating or scrambled books so i worked on overlaying them to see what happens


I asked code-cracking communities what they thought about 469
I made a discord and a subreddit to try to get further somehow with the minds of a whole community
Everything I did was to try to figure out this mystery that has haunted me since I was 8, some odd 20 years ago.
Knightmare has been adamant that everything is in the game.
I was on the verge of insanity and constantly questioning wtf I am doing.
I tried answering as many other mysteries and riddles I could because I know that you always get answers you least expect, to inch closer to that 0.01% that I am so desperately looking for.

Tibia once posted this doll

And I found that the numbers seem deliberate, the number on the left is bigger than the number on the right, and could plot it on a diagonal:


And following absurd leads


Finding the things I have shown up until now took about a year, and I did not understand them necessarily in the order told in this research-story.
Some things such as the book about teleportation north of Carlin/East of thais were pointed to me by others while just starting.
And things such as the cracked jade flooring I found only on my third visit to Robson's isle.. some things just take a freakishly long time to spot and you always unlock some new meta-level that completely changes how you view tibia - and this makes you reread every book, revisit places, redo every quest and finding competely new mysteries that arise. It is an endless cycle of exploration and research, the most fun I've ever had with any game or any puzzle and it gets extremely intimate, looking at the creative minds of the content creators.
But after the madness of staring and formulae, numbers and drawing lines on the map you don't really find an explanation to,
I put down Tibia for almost a year.

But I just knew there is something to it - because there is this book in Demonas' study that haunted me even though I had put Tibia down for my own sanitys sake.

One of the formulae, the honeminas formula that all other formulae are based on, was always the book I was raving about when spewing thoughts on various channels, the book I have probably spent the most time looking at. Can you spot it?

The honeminas formula
Written by Mathemicus

The honeminas formula is one of the basic formulas that describe how the magic web was made by the gods.
It is not completed yet, because honeminas itself died by 2 intruders who found out the way into our city. But we are trying to finish his work.
And Im sure that one day we will finish it and then we will be a big part closer to our goal.

As far we solve the following formulas:

(Note: g stands for gate, g [a_,x_] for the coordinates of the gate in the 2-dimensional-area and e for the strengh of the magic energy that flows into this gate.

For all other formulas look in your collection of formulas)

g[a_,x_] := a g[3,2] + (4,3,1,5,3).(3,4,7,8,4)

The Donina formula 
Written by Donina
This is a formula based on the honeminas formula. 
It should help to understand the pulsate of the red light in the magic web.
The Donina formula Written by Donina Part 2
The tridiag formula 
Written by Donazia
This formula bases on the honeminas formula. 
It is not completed yet. But here are our results until now
 g[a_,l_] :=e*g[1,1]+9g*3a
Coordinates for the area around Dianscher 
Written by Mathemicus 
 I think I found out some coordinates for the Island Dianscher. 
 p3,q9,0o and p3,23,0t.
 Yet, we must wait until we can control-
 the destination gates and open them without problems.
The Donina formula 
Written by Donina
This is a formula based on the honeminas formula. 
It should help to understand the pulsate of the red light in the magic web.
The Donina formula Written by Donina Part 2
The tridiag formula 
Written by Donazia
This formula bases on the honeminas formula. 
It is not completed yet. But here are our results until now
 g[a_,l_] :=e*g[1,1]+9g*3a
Coordinates for the area around Dianscher 
Written by Mathemicus 
 I think I found out some coordinates for the Island Dianscher. 
 p3,q9,0o and p3,23,0t.
 Yet, we must wait until we can control-
 the destination gates and open them without problems.

The secrets lie between the lines.

Every name is capitalized, Donina formula Written by Donina - they are very consistent, Island Dianscher and so on. Except for honeminas. And every mention of the dead honeminas has a lowercase h,

The honeminas formula is one of the basic formulas that describe how the magic web was made by the gods.
It is not completed yet, because honeminas itself died by 2 intruders who found out the way into our city.

itself, it does not seem that honeminas itself is a human, rather a bonelord!

These numbers are in the formula (4,3,1,5,3).(3,4,7,8,4)
In the Hellgate 469 books:

The numbers also follow the plotted graph earlier. In secret library there appears a new pair of numbers that also fit in the plot. 74032 45331
During 15th year anniversary of Tibia, the nostalgic bonelord appeared- and it's name was 3478 instead of beholder as they used to be called before they had to change it due to some copyright thing.
At the same time, an NPC called Knightmare appeared, the creator of 469. He used 3478 in a sentence of numbers.

After returning after a year and trying to persuade people for the 100th time with this mountain of evidence, Elkolorado believed in me and found Sopel who is good at math, so we started analyzing. Full comment thread here.

At some point we started to focus on coordinates, and Sopel had the brilliant idea that the map maybe somehow could be kinda used somehow with the Island Dianscher coordinates. Just finding how to place the map was filled with doubt until last ditch attemp by Sopel


It looked like the X is about on the isle of mists where only druids can go, but it still seemed quite far-fetched, especially since it doesnt start at 'a' and the left column is weird.

I think I found out some coordinates for the Island Dianscher.
p3,q9,0o and p3,23,0t.

And the X is not even in water, and there are so many other coordinates that just dont make sense really. Nothing really makes sense, but I was really happy because there was some glimmer of light in the darkness again after such a long time.

I played around with it a bit and found that it seems like it could actually land elsewhere.


And I know from another study that in ancient times there was a huge battle between the Djinns and the Necromancers of Drefia which resulted in a huge catastrophe. It could explain the missing land from this ancient map - Wyda also mentions that the area has earthquakes now and then. And there's an old abandoned sinking main-road in Venore to the south.

What is at the X?


A SWAMP Island.
Are you shitting me Knightmare.
And some old stone circle where only three stones remain.
Inside the cave are lots of (loyal?) swamp trolls and some tunnels.

I checked it on the magic web from the Thais dream machine, and this is what it hits underground:



At this point i'm shitting my pants, because yeah, dream machine stuff, and this was the most sophisticated room in the whole area and the only bed of this quality.
Is the mystery of Island Dianscher solved? There just really seems to be something to it!
Sadly people did not want to pursue that it somehow possible maybe could be a language of coordinates based on some obscure way of perhaps forcing things to fit into a biased theory.
So I relied on Txetxenia to keep me sane for the rest of the way.

Continue in part three as I struggle with this madness again, and explore the whole map and lore in Tibia with new leads and new pair of glasses!
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